First Year Class Council  #weCAMdoit

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Hello Class of 2023!

I am Camryn Stafford, and I want to represent you on the Freshman Class Council.​​

Class unity is a key to our success, and we should create an environment in which our entire class feels connected and takes pride not just in ourselves but in each other. I know how to listen and how to lead. I manage my own non-profit, and I have held leadership positions in student council, various clubs, and dance groups.  I also know how to unify. We can unify - by planning fun events, creating gear, listening to students, and making sure our class is heard by the administration. I am willing and ready to help, and would be honored to serve. Let's make connections now that will last a lifetime!  

Vote Camryn for Freshman Class Council! #weCAMdoit


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